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About Us

Form of the company a business company is created by:
Mr. MEAS THINProfession : Businessman
Nationality: Khmer

The sole owner of the company, in the form of a single member private limited company as indicated by its capital and shares.

The company has legal personality and has become a legal person that has its own rights, name, address, assets, and shall be under the supervision of the applicable lows of the kingdom of Cambodia, as well as these articles of incorporation.

Visionand Mission


LIVCOMO will be an business focused on the profitable, progressive, and sustainable production of premium quality identity, oilseeds, biscuits and foodstuffs products. LIVCOMO will be a respected, responsible neighbor and an asset to our community. We prefer a rural lifestyle and are willing to embrace change as a means to that end. LIVCOMO provides the opportunity for our children and employees to participate in production agriculture either as owners and/or managers of the business.


LIVCOMO is a importer of grains, oilseeds, specialty crops, biscuits and foodstuffs. Our mission is to be recognized by our business associates and competitors as one of the top import in our area and to make sure that productivity translates into prosperity and growth for everyone involved with our business.

Business Objective

The company shall perform the following activities:
-Trading: Purchasing, selling, exchanging, exporting, and importing all kinds of goods-importing all kinds.
-Commercial agency-Commercial representative.
-Advertising services

Head Office and Logo/Name of company

-Address: office located at #71C, Street NW19, SangkatPhnom Penh Thmey, Khan SenSok, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.
-Logo/ Name

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